Quick Tour

AskUsChat is the premier click-to-chat system, enabling businesses to extend their online presense to include real-time interaction with customers for service and sales.

This tour will introduce the basic components of the application. AskUsChat is made to be easy to use, but still very powerful and efficient.

Because AskUsChat instant messaging servers host the content of the components, there are no additional requirements from your hosting provider. The installation topic covers everything you need to know to add AskUsChat to your online presense, as well as setting up staff members' computers to start handling visitor requests.

The visitor view topic gives an overview of what visitors to your site will see, and how the instant messaging client functionality works.

The Control Center topic introduces you to the staff side of AskUsChat, with a walk-through of the features of this powerful desktop application.

Finally, the administration topic covers customizing AskUsChat and other administrative tasks made simple by the Administrative Web Panel.