Great For Sales
Turn your visitors into customers by offering live assistance as they browse your site.

Great For Customer Service
Many customers prefer instant messaging for help rather than a phone call or email.

Easy to Add
Since it is hosted by AskUsChat.com, there is no server setup or additional steps.


No Downloads or Plugins
The AskUsChat chat client does not require your visitors to download any plug-ins or ActiveX controls, and it does not use Java. Typically, web chat clients utilize Java which has severe problems when it reaches the visitor's browser. Others require users to agree to a download in order to chat, which is often disabled by the administrator of their network. Still more users will simply click "No" if they are presented with a choice. This prevents a large portion of users from being able to have a positive experience. AskUsChat does not use Java or any type of plug-in, but provides an experience that is both user friendly and modern-feeling. The chat client loads very fast, it connects almost instantly even over a dialup connection.

Works in any browser
The chat client takes advantage of features found in modern browser versions, but it includes a special mode for browsers that don't have those features. This is called compatibility mode, as it ensures compatibility with 100% of browsers without detracting from the experience by using a lowest-common-denominator approach seen elsewhere. Nearly all of your visitors will experience the usual chat window, compatibility mode ensures those visitors using an obscure browser will not be left in the dark.

You choose exactly how the launch link images and chat client look. Customizations are made easy through the administrative web panel. Change images (or HTML) within the chat client, preview your changes, and then one click of the "Publish" button modifies your files without any need for FTP or knowledge of HTML.
< Example of customized chat client

While a user is browsing your site, you may invite them to chat at any time.

Guide your Visitors
You can open a browser on the users computer, and then point that browser to a location, offering your visitors a guided tour.

Agent Photos
Each of your agents can have a photo associated with their profile, which will be displayed in the chat client when a session is assigned to them or they invite a visitor to chat. This provides a more personal experience.

In all versions, messages are encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption. The launch link can be SSL-enabled so that your visitors do not get a security warning if you add it to SSL-secured areas of your site.

Control Center


The AskUsChat Control Center is designed to be extremely easy to use, with almost no learning curve. Yet it has many powerful features that give Agents the power and flexibility they need.

Quick Text
A list of commonly-sent messages can be gathered, and is two clicks or keypresses away during a chat conversation. This vastly enhances agents' efficiency and your customers will notice the snappy response to their inquiries.

Spell Checking
Optionally, as a message is being typed a non-intrusive list of suspected mispellings and their suggested replacements is displayed adjacent to the chat window. Replacements are a keystroke away, so that it doesn't slow down the speed of responses.

Chat Invitations
Agents can invite a customer who is browsing your site to chat. Similar to a salesperson approaching a customer in a real store, this encourages communication with your visitors.

Chat Transfer
Chats can be transferred between agents, with the complete history of the chat optionally made available to the newly assigned agent. Agents can chat with other agents to answer questions they are unsure about without the visitor having to start a new conversation with a different agent.


Avalable for All Major Platforms
Versions of the Control Center are available for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux and they all have the same features. Great care has been taken to give each version a native look and feel.

Admin Panel

Complete Control
Every aspect of how AskUsChat looks and behaves is configurable through the Administrative Web Panel. Your click-to-chat images and chat client are completely customizable. Each agent can have a photo uploaded that will be displayed in the chat client when they are assisting a customer.

The look and feel of the chat client can be
customized through a point-and-click interface.

Profiles for each agent who
will be assisting customers.

You can create custom pre-chat information forms and post-chat surveys. These are useful for gathering basic identifying information such as name, email address and location prior to a chat. After a chat they can be used to get feedback on how well a customer's needs were taken care of.

You can choose between a variety of comprehensive reports, ranging from staff effectiveness and performance to survey results. Survey data can be exported for use in Excel or presentation software. You can compare the effects of different launch link placement or chat invitations.

All messages and agent actions are logged and can be searched or viewed through the Administrative Web Panel.